Executive Coaching

Individual Coaching

Do you never have the time or space to reflect on how the business is really doing or to think through your options for the future?

At Elite Coaching we know that all successful executives need structured time away from the rough and tumble of daily business life to:

  • Improve your performance by working on the small margins
  • Plan organisational or culture changes in a confidential environment
  • Thrive under extreme pressure
  • Address difficult relationships, which may be harming the business or your own development
  • Become immediately effective in a new role
  • Stop and review the progress of your career.

We will contract directly with you or through your organisation for a specific number of coaching sessions and we will build in reviews as appropriate, but our work with you as an individual coachee is entirely confidential.

Elite Coaching’s approach is to listen attentively and actively, but also to challenge hard and urge you to hold yourself to account for the changes you commit to, because real behavioural change is not at all easy to achieve.

We have a variety of exercises and techniques which may help you to explore difficult areas, resolve dilemmas or break log jams. We use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and a number of 360 exercises to focus sharply on your strengths and areas for development.

Team Coaching

Elite Coaching works with boards and teams of executives and senior managers.

We know from our experience that teams are most effective when their objectives are clear, pursued vigorously and reviewed regularly.

We know that individual members of the team give of their best when their role in the team is clear and they understand and feel confident about their personal objectives.

We know that, in order to reach their true potential, teams need to surface and work through their professional rivalries, the internal politics, so called “personality clashes” and damaging factions.

Elite Coaching will often preface a team development programme with a diagnosis exercise to create a platform of understanding about working styles and how the team perceives its own effectiveness, before working through practical ways to achieve excellence.

Team coaching is an effective way to get teams working together effectively and in a way that underpins the achievement of team rather than the individual. It creates a context where healthy and constructive challenge can exist without damaging or breaking relationships.