HR, Change and Organisational Development Consultancy

HR Consultancy

Elite Coaching partners and associates have spent many years in senior roles in Human Resources for organisations across a variety sectors. From this well of experience we are able to advise on, plan and lead organisational restructures, and we are able to undertake employment policy, reward, internal communications, employee benefits and employee engagement reviews and, where appropriate, lead the resulting change programmes.

Planning and Leading Organisational Change

With many years’ experience in senior HR positions across all industry sectors, organisational change has been a constant companion to all Elite Coaching partners and associates. From the closure of factories to the large scale re-alignment of businesses following mergers or acquisitions, the frequent re-modelling of the tiers between government and the front line in the NHS and local government, Elite Coaching partners have led a large number of major restructures programmes.

Elite coaching has particular expertise in and extensive experience of TUPE transfers into and out of organisations and is adept at undertaking successful change programmes in the most unpromising circumstances.

Meetings Facilitation

Elite Coaching partners and associates facilitate corporate events, away days and large scale team meetings and are adept at chairing difficult meetings with diverse groups of stakeholders. The most important principle in all these circumstances is to understand fully the objectives of the event convener, and equally to understand the motivation and priorities of the potential audience.

Organisational Development

Elite Coaching is privileged to work alongside Executive Development Consultants UK LLP (edc), assisting them to develop and deliver Organisational Development Programmes. EDC has over twenty years’ experience in the field and, typically, their programmes consist of individual coaching with executives and non-executives, whole board development events, regular executive team development, town hall meetings, stakeholder events and programmes for new and talented managers. EDC has worked across sectors with organisations as diverse as the BBC, Unilever, Inchcape and British Airways, and are currently OD partners with a number of NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and directorates in NHS England

Myers Briggs Steps I & II

Elite coaches are certified in the administration and feed back of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Steps I & II. Based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological preferences and developed in the two decades after the Second World War, MBTI remains the single most popular diagnostic tool for individuals and teams at work in the US and Europe. Its particular strengths are its simplicity, and its diagnosis of individual psychological preferences, without any suggestion of “strengths and weaknesses”, which allows participants to develop their understanding of their own behaviour and their colleagues’ behaviour without any sense that one preference is of any more value than another.

Aston OD’s ATPI Team Diagnosis

Elite Coaching partners are qualified to deliver Aston OD’s ATPI team diagnosis inventory, which is very useful in getting a team to understand its dynamic and how it can improve its performance. Aston OD was a spin off from Aston University Business School and is led by Professor Michael West, who is currently Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology Lancaster University Business School.